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We are located 4 hours north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Situated deep in the Boreal forest where the large black bear and whitetail deer call home.

We use ATV’S and boats to access our pristine hunting territory allowing us to provide a genuine wilderness experience. Boulder Ridge Outfitters territory covers over 250sq miles.


We only take 15 white tail hunters a year in order to manage the wildlife allowing plentiful hunting year after year. The month of November is when we hunt whitetail. The black bear hunts will run the months of May and June, while fall bear hunting season is in September.

The fishing takes place on Lac la Plonge lake and where you will be fishing for lake Trout and Northern Pike. If you are interested in catching Walleye, we will fish the Beaver River.



We stay in the beautiful village of Sakamayack along the Beaver River.  Our lot offers comfortable lodging with an outdoors experience as many types of wild animals are near and visit the area.



Black Bear Hunting Outfitters Saskatchewan


Spring and Fall

Black Bear Hunts

Our area has an excellent population of Black Bear. With very little hunting pressure, the numbers and size of Black Bears always remain high.



Deer Hunts

We hunt in some of the best Whitetail Deer habitat in North America!

We only take 15 Whitetail hunters a year in order to manage the wildlife allowing plentiful hunting year after year.

Deer Hunting Outfitters Saskatchewan
Sport Fishing Saskatchewan


Best Fishing

We fish on Lac la Plonge lake and the Beaver River in Northern Saskatchewan.


We fish for lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Walleye.

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